10 Essential Apps for Nurses and Nursing Students

You’ll need a sharp memory to succeed as a nurse. Still, these days, your smartphone can help you keep track of important medical information and get the word out faster, too.  Nursing students can benefit from using nursing applications by increasing their productivity and self-assurance in both the classroom and the workplace. These are the […]

What Does a Day in Life of a Nurse Look Like?

As a nurse, you can never expect a typical day. Any change can be meaningful, thrilling, exhausting, stimulating, or more than that. Nurses see patients at all stages of their lives, from the frailest and helpless to the most powerful and determined. They have become accustomed to dealing with the emotional fallout of fatal accidents […]

9 Challenges Faced by Nursing Students

No challenge is too great for an intelligent student to handle. She views it as a challenge and an opportunity to develop personally and professionally as a nurse. Nursing students must be prepared to deal with varying complexity from classroom to clinical settings. Our intention is not to frighten them or discourage them from continuing […]