Items Nurses and Nursing Students Carry in their Bags

Being prepared is no longer a defining characteristic. Nurses understand this feeling more than anybody else since it is one of the most critical things we can do to protect ourselves and the people we care about.

We have compiled a list of the most important items a nursing student should keep in a go-anywhere bag to help her succeed in her studies and throughout her career.

Purchase a sturdy backpack that can be used for various purposes and is both functional and fashionable so that you can flaunt your excellent character. Let’s get to the good stuff now—the items that should be in every nursing student’s kit.

Items Nurses and Nursing Students Carry in their Bags


The stethoscope is one of the most important tools a nurse needs. You’ll need to take the patient’s blood pressure by hand and check them from head to toe.

Tip: Bring extra alcohol pads to clean your stethoscope before and after each shift.

Hand sanitizer

In the world of COVID today, preventing infections is still one of the most important things to do. Hand sanitizers are great when you can’t wash your hands with soap and water. Keep a special bottle attached to your nursing bag, so it is easy to get to and use.


Your laptop can sometimes feel like a part of you as a student. Whether taking online classes or writing a paper, you always need your laptop with you. Buy a backpack with a place for your laptop to protect it even more. This will make you feel better.

Bottle of water

We’ve all heard that we should drink eight glasses of water daily, but when we’re busy, that’s easier said than done, right? Keeping a water bottle close will help you get in the habit of staying hydrated first. Choose water over energy drinks, coffee, or sugary drinks.


No matter how traditional or modern your style is, you should put a watch with a second hand in your nursing bag. Wrist watches do a lot more than just look good. When making charts, timing interventions, or taking a manual pulse, you can’t do without them.

The phone and its chargers

A phone is more than just a way to text and shops online for a nursing student. It’s like an electronic Swiss Army knife that gives you basic nursing tools like a calculator, flashlight, pharmacology apps, and the ability to “Google it” if you don’t know something. Also, don’t forget to bring chargers. You should not be ready.

Everything PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be on this list, especially since COVID is still a problem. We recommend that every nurse’s bag have a few pairs of face masks (surgical and N95), disposable latex gloves, goggles, and/or a face shield.


People know that nursing students have long clinical hours and study in groups all night. Instead of eating junk food, choose healthy snacks like whole fruit, nuts, and granola bars. They will help you keep your mind on the task at hand.


When taking notes, nursing students are meticulous. Make sure your backpack always has a notebook, clipboard, or binder in it, whether in class or at a clinical. Think ahead and be smart about how you pack your books, too.


No one ever talks about how many pens a nurse uses in a single shift, but it’s a lot. So, buy plenty of the ones you like. People like retractable “clicky” pens so they don’t get ink on their top scrub pockets.

marker pens and index cards

If you want to find a nursing student in a crowd, look at how many index cards and highlighters they carry. Put both of these things in your backpack, so you’re always ready to study or get ready for a test.


A penlight is something that every person who wants to be a nurse should buy. This simple tool is needed for neuro-evaluations, checking how well students respond, and figuring out how dark a room is (i.e., the back of the throat). It can also make the night shift a little brighter.

Even though medical facilities have pulse oximeters, thermometers, and blood pressure cuffs, many nursing students choose to buy their own. They can be used for extra practice or in exercises that are like real life.

Hand lotion

If you work in health care, you probably wash your hands a lot, leaving your skin dry and cracked. Keep a bottle of your favorite hand lotion in your nursing bag and put some on your hands every few hours during the day.

Drug Notebook

Giving out medicines is a big part of what a nurse does. Be prepared by always carrying your favorite Drug Guide and/or other necessary pharmacology reference materials. Everything changes when you have this information right at your fingertips.

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