Why Should you Consider Becoming a Nurse?

One of the jobs that people want the most is to be a nurse. And it’s easy to figure out why.

Nurses have a lot to do, but they also get a lot of satisfaction and rewards from their work. They help people when they are sick and helpless and are there for them as they improve.

But if you want to, what are the best reasons to become a nurse? Does it still make sense to become a nurse in 2022?

Why Should you Consider Becoming a Nurse?

Satisfying and Rewarding Job

It’s no secret that most countries trust, value, and respect their nurses. The reason is good. The way healthcare systems work depends a lot on nurses. They help give medicines and treatments, support patients who are in physical or emotional pain and can calm worried family members and friends.

As a nurse, you can see right away how your work affects the health of so many people. This makes you feel good about your job. This lets you get close to others and learn from their problems and life stories.

If you’ve ever seen someone cry or look scared, you know it’s natural to want to comfort and reassure them. As a nurse, you can show people how things work and tell them what their medicines do. You can also help them calm down and let go of worries and fears. This is especially important for kids, but adults need help because no one is unbeatable.

Secure and Stable Job

People want to become nurses in large numbers. Even though many people choose to study and work as nurses, there aren’t enough nurses in many countries to fill all the open jobs. Not just the UK has to deal with this problem.

So, it’s unsurprising that being a nurse is a safe, stable job that pays well. Even if the economy is terrible, they won’t have to worry about losing their jobs. Many nurses complain that their pay doesn’t make up for all the stress, night shifts, and extra work. For example, between 2018 and 2028, the number of nursing jobs in the US is expected to grow by 12%. The average salary is about 73,300 USD per year.

Affordable Nursing Degrees

Some nursing programs can cost over 16,000 EUR per year. But there are also other kinds of fish in the sea. Getting a nursing degree is cheap at many universities and colleges. And “cheap” doesn’t always mean “bad.” In many cases, the government pays for tuition. In other instances, waivers or grants cover the costs.

Online Nursing degrees make studying easier

It is commonly believed that nurses need to rely more on interpersonal and practical skills than theoretical knowledge to succeed in the field. So, the idea that you can study for a degree in nursing from the comfort of your own home might sound strange.

But you can still do that. If you want a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in nursing online, you can choose from dozens of courses. Most of the time, these courses are less expensive, and you can study whenever you want.

Online Masters in Nursing is ubiquitous with experienced nurses who want to get more education to move up in their careers or change to a different specialty.

A nurse’s schedule is constantly changing, it can exciting!

Being a nurse is hardly a dull occupation. We see brand new patients and face all fresh challenges every day. Prioritizing needs and seeing that everyone is looked after is an ongoing process.

It’s possible to work in various settings and capacities as a nurse, depending on the specifics of your education and training. However, it’s important to remember that you’re free to explore other areas of interest and work in whichever department needs you the most.

Darria Long, an emergency room physician, gives a TEDx lecture in which she discusses the importance of prioritization and how it may be used outside of medicine.

Have you decided what to do? Are you prepared to take care of individuals, see them through their illnesses, and provide them with the care they require?

Giving people the chance to work in other countries

The best thing about the medical knowledge and skills you learn in a Nursing degree is that you can use them in other countries as long as you can speak the local language.

Some states are more developed than others, and the medical tools and systems may be different, but nurses still do the same job. If you want to work as a nurse in another country, your nursing degree and experience must be recognized. In some countries, you might have to show what you can do by taking extra tests.

Nurses can also work wherever they want.

There are schools, public hospitals, private hospitals, clinics for the elderly, military bases, and nursing homes.

Private clinics may pay more, and other jobs may let you choose your own hours. It’s all about putting your career in the right place.

You Medical Knowledge is Beneficial in Real Life

This is obvious, but it’s easy to miss its importance. Everyone wants to be safe and healthy, but bad things sometimes happen. And it’s best to be ready for that when it does.

As a nurse, you’ll always feel safe knowing that you can give first aid in an emergency, even if it happens somewhere other than work. Just think about:

  • How many people could do CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if needed?
  • Who knows what to do if someone passes out?
  • How many people know what to do if someone has an asthma attack or a seizure?

The list could go on, but the point is that nurses can save lives even when they aren’t in hospitals. Not every job or career can make that claim.

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